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Eve of 2003: Selected Photos

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Phil & Dad had great success at Sequence, due to Jocelyn & Kevin drawing no jacks. These photos reflect the less boisterous moments of the evening (when the photographer was at liberty).

ham ready to carve
The ham was outstanding.

Kathy working at kitchen table
Kathy helping to prepare dinner.

a game of Rail Baron

Jocelyn plays at sneaking up on Phil.
danger lurks for Phil the baron

sitting on the sofa
Ruth & Scott relax after the games.

Kevin and Phil retreated to the computer room.

with a little Christmas tree
Christmas portrait of Bob & Ruth

Kathy and Mom

Kevin and Grandpa

watching the televised festivities

Phil watching TV with Kevin reading in a nearby chair
Kevin found the history of middle earth more interesting.

watching the televised festivities, Jocelyn tease

watching the televised festivities

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