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Turners 2002 Summer Vacation: Selected Photos

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Jocelyn, Kevin, and Dad (not pictured) got up at 3:00 a.m. to catch the plane out of Logan.

After landing in Denver, Kevin and Scott (yellow shirt in photo) immediately headed for Wyoming for the final 2 days of the Rocky Mountain orienteering meet. Here Scott chats with a teammate from Saturday's relay race.

After reuniting in Denver, the family declared Tuesday the 30th "mountain day". We visited Guanella Pass, removing our gear from the trunk for a small hike.

hummingbirds at a feeder
Down from Guanella Pass we saw hummingbirds!

At the end of a long day's drive through mountains and valleys, we stopped at the Climax mine for a view of tailings, mountains, and more hummingbirds.

Friday was the big mountain day for Kevin, Jocelyn, Scott, and (not pictured) Uncle Rick Baird. We hit the trail by 5:00 a.m.

After hiking for hours, we can see the summit but not the route which can take us there.

In the background is Long's Peak showing the upper part of the forbidding east face, known as "The Diamond" to climbers.

approaching the boulder field
the four hikers on stony, bare ground with a mountain rising in the background

From here we see the “keyhole”, gateway to the climbing challenge.

Rick, Jocelyn, and Kevin find a safe route on the traverse above the Keyhole, but Rick is happy to show that he has no fear.
Rick sits with a precipice behind him

Kevin, Rick, and Jocelyn climb "the trough". In the thin air above 13,000 feet, the steep slope takes your breath away in more ways than one.

Above the trough, "the narrows" allows no room for a misstep.

"The homestretch" doesn't provide much to hold on to, and is daunting whether looking ahead (above), or behind (below).

Jocelyn scrambling from the steep homestretch, with a valley in the background
coming out on the summit
the four on the summit

Jocelyn and Kevin on the level summit, about the size of a soccer field, 14,255 feet (4,345 m) above sea level.

Strolling the perimeter of the summit to experience the views in all directions, you've got to watch where you step!

Jocelyn and Scott brushing their teeth
On the descent, daughter and father show similar hygenic preferences.

Rick snoozing on a sofa, with Andy sitting looking at him
Cousin Andy Baird considers the idea of waking Daddy after his long day's hike.

New Hampshire

Returning from Colorado, we headed for the New Hampshire mountains near Franconia Notch.
Jocelyn and Steve on a wooden foot bridge
Jocelyn's friend Steve Mathewes-Green joined us.

Phil in front of the Lonesome Lake dam
All except Kathy hiked up to Lonesome Lake.

Jocelyn, Steve, with log book
At the Appalachian Mountain Club hut, we bought a cheap lunch and looked over the old log books.

Steve and Phil wet their heads in a convenient stream.

This photo is for Uncle Rick, who was curious about how New England trails compare with his familiar Colorado. Here we ascend the Appalachian Trail from Lonesome Lake toward Mt. Kinsman. The white blaze on the tree indicates that we are on the trail as we directly ascend the course of a rocky stream.

3 hikers on a large, smooth, rounded rock with green mountains in the background
At Kinsman North, Phil, Jocelyn and Steve perch above a ledge.

The next day we all went to the Lost River Reservation, where wooden walkways lead to facinating caves. Here, Kevin exits from a tricky one.

Kathy came along to Lost River and managed most of the caves, too.

The following day we (except for Kathy) tackled Mt. Lafayette, one of the tallest mountains in the Northeast. The rocks at Eagle Pass provided an extra challenge which the young folk couldn't resist (though Scott did).

Here we all are at the top: Scott, Phil, Kevin, Steve, and Jocelyn, 5260 feet (1,603 m) above sea level.

Scott in his element (Cannon Mountain in the background)

photo inverted, with land at the top, sky below, and 3 hikers with their heads inverted to the rock
Kevin discovered that viewing the mountains with your head upside-down expands ones appreciation for their marvels. Jocelyn and Phil confirmed his discovery.

Kevin, Steve, and Phil enjoy an airy viewpoint while descending the Old Bridle Path.

Steve and Jocelyn by the stream
The Old Bridle Path meets a pristine stream just before leaving the woods.

Here's a view of our camp site at Franstead Family Campground. Kathy's reading near the fire ring while Phil practices splitting wood. Our two tents, the screen canopy, and the 2 cars are also visible.

Maryland & D.C.

Shifting gears again, we left New Hampshire and drove to Maryland to visit Steve's family.
family group walking on the wide sidewalk
Here we all are (except Scott taking the photo) next to the National Art Gallery.

Phil and Kevin appreciate a crystal of smoky quartz at the Smithsonian's Natural History Museum.

After staying up until 4 a.m. playing games with Kevin and Phil the last night, Jocelyn and Steve manage to look happy in the morning.

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