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Turners 2002 Thanksgiving Day: Selected Photos

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Grandma B, Jocelyn, Phil, and Kevin

For the long weekend, two students visited our home. Iris (left) is from Taiwan and Moon Young (center) from South Korea. Kathy (right) is with them.

Kathy and Iris at the table where the food is served.

None of our international guests had skiied before. Since the Thanksgiving snow was unusually deep, and we had several sets of skis available, they gave skiing a try. Arnoldo and Lorissa from Brazil took the first turn.
Lorissa on the snow, with ski poles

Scott on skis

Arnoldo skis away from the camera

After Arnoldo was finished trying out the skis, Iris put them on.

Lorissa on skis

Iris on skis

Scott & Kathy

The Turner family poses for its Christmas photo.
Kevin, Scott, Phil, Kathy, & Jocelyn

Thanks to Arnoldo for shooting the photos that show Scott.

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