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Christmas in Texas

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For Christmas, we travelled to Plano, Texas to visit the Batchelders. Dave & Nancy's family moved there one year ago, and Grandpa & Grandma moved last summer. The college kids Jocelyn and Kevin joined us, as did Jocelyn's fiancé Steve.

playing a game at the kitchen table
We played a lot of Sequence and Mexican Train. Here, Scott B, Steve, Phil, Mark, and Jocelyn play Hearts.

Christmas tree, Kathy, Scott, fireplace
Kathy & Scott in the younger B's living room

the family seated by the Christmas tree with gifts
opening gifts on Christmas day

Kathy holding up a necklace with gold pendant
Kathy's gold cartouche

Grandpa showing a package
Grandpa's hummingbird feeder

Steve and Jocelyn at the dining room table
Steve & Jocelyn

Scott, Kathy, and the extended family at the kitchen table

Kathy standing by the kitchen counter
Kathy in Grandma & Grandpa's new kitchen

Scott, Nancy, and family in front of an office building
touring Dallas
Kevin and Steve
visiting a scupture park
John, Phil, and Steve taking it easy on a stone block sculpture
John, Phil, & Steve appreciate the practical sculpture/bench.

at the restaurant
Nancy's birthday party at Abuelo's
at the restaurant

Nancy and Grandpa with their drinks
New Year's eve party at Grandma & Grandpa’s

the Turner family with Steve, by the Christmas tree
The Turners pose once more, as it's time for goodbyes.

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