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Jocelyn’s Graduation

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Messiah College, 2004 May 14-15

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Travelling delays led to the Turners’ arrival at the Friday evening baccalaureate service moments before it began. Along with scores of others, we were turned away from the auditorium and found seats in the cafeteria near a large-screen video display of the event. We did not know that Steve was saving seats for us, and that Jocelyn was wondering where we were.

When Jocelyn took the podium, it was a thrill to listen to her read the familiar life-giving words from the apostle Paul’s letter to Ephesians, chapter 2 verses 4 to 10, and realize how our Jocelyn is fulfilling her parents’ hopes over the years raising her.

Dad, Mom, Jocelyn, and Phil
We met up with Jocelyn at the reception following the baccalaurate.

Later, we went out to Ruby Tuesday’s to celebrate with Jocelyn’s roommates Sonja and Raina, and their families. Sonja, Jocely, Phil, Kevin, and Scott at the restaurant table
Above is Sonja with Jocelyn, Phil, Kevin, and Scott.
Sonja's mom, Sonja, and Jocelyn pose with their sundae.
Sonja’s mom, Sonja, & Jocelyn dig into a treat.

The next morning, the commencement ceremony was held under a muggy sun, with clouds that rarely blocked the heat. Our umbrella was one of many that were enlisted for protection. We were proud to see Jocelyn listed in the program as Magna Cum Laude and as a Boyer Scholar. The latter is an honor awarded to 24 students college-wide.
Jocelyn receiving her diploma
The highlight, of course, was seeing Jocelyn receive her diploma.
Jocelyn with President Sawatsky
Jocelyn shakes the hand of president Sawatsky.
Jocelyn descends from the podium with diploma and towel in hand. Jocelyn departs the podium area with a big smile for the crowd.

Dad, Jocelyn, and Mom pose.
Dad, Jocelyn, and Mom

Steve and Jocelyn smiling Steve and Jocelyn smiling
Steve and Jocelyn

Kevin and Jocelyn
Kevin and Jocelyn: Note the diploma comes with a towel, a Christian symbol of servanthood.

Jocelyna nd Sonja pose
Jocelyn and Sonja

Phil and Jocelyn Phil and Jocelyn
Phil and Jocelyn

Megan, Hannah, Father Gregory, Jocelyn, Steve, and Frederica
with the Mathewes-Green family: Megan, Hannah, Father Gregory, Jocelyn, Steve, and Frederica

Following the ceremony was the post-graduation traffic jam and exodus. The Mathewes-Greens had come in three cars, and we were glad of it when packing up for the move to the new apartment. For the next week, it's all stored in the Mathewes-Greens’ garage.

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