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Fall 2006

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Kathy and I drove Phil to Houghton College for his first semester there. It's a milestone for him, and also for us, as we will be without children at home for the first time in 24 years.

Kathy and Phil at the restaurant booth
The day before arriving at Houghton, we had lunch at an excellent Italian restaurant in Albany. So for supper we kept it simple and ate at Denny's across from the Holiday Inn near Rochester.

dormitory with a ramp from the hillside to the third floor; a boy runs across the ramp
Phil is hurrying out of his dormitory, Rothenbuhler, to catch up with me.

Phil in line at checkout
In line at the bookstore.

Kathy and Phil pose with dormitory in the background
A pause at the upper entrance to Rothenbuhler.

dorm room with Phil sitting on bed
Phil's bed, desk, and dresser

Phil with back to camera operates laptop computer
Getting the computer set up.

Phil and Kathy walking on sidewalk of college grounds
Walking to chapel.

Kathy, Scott, and Phil pose on the lawn, with a college building in the background
Saying goodbye on the Houghton campus.

The next day Kathy and Scott took the opportunity to visit the nearby New York wine country. We got an early start and toured the grounds before going inside to sample various wines.
Scott and Kathy pose in front of grape vines, a weeping willow tree, with lake in the background
The Goose Watch Winery overlooks Lake Cayuga.

Kathy on the dock, with a sign 'Goose Watch Winery' in the background
The winery even has a dock for boaters to visit.

The Turners Visit with Jocelyn & Steve

We put off our summer vacation because the best opportunity to visit Jocelyn and Steve was the fall. So the last week in September we headed to Maryland.

Kathy and Scott seated, smiling
We ate out at Jocelyn and Steve's favorite Japanese restaurant.
Jocelyn and Steve seated, with Japanese decor in the background
Jocelyn, Steve, and Kathy seated at the table, with Kathy holding chopsticks

For the first part of the week, Steve and Jocelyn worked, while Kathy and Scott toured.
Kathy statnding in a parking lot in front of the 'Broadway Market' on a sunny day
Kathy at the Broadway fish market

In Jocelyn and Steve's kitchen, Kathy is tending to a crockpot. In the foreground is the side of the refrigerator with various decorations.
Kathy making shrimp cacciatore

and old brick home on a sunny day
The day after Baltimore, we visited Annapolis, the capital of Maryland. A highlight was the Paca House, once the home of one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence.

Kathy and Scott pose in a formal garden with marble sculpture, and cute white bridge, and a decorative 2-story tower Scott poses in the weedy-looking butterfly garden
After a guided tour of the historic building, we strolled through the restored landscape and gardens.
blue flowers

red button-like flowers. At the center, one of the button flowers has the wings of a butterfly spread out and visible behind it. The wings have eye-like spots.
A delightful surprise was the large number and variety of butterflies attracted by the gardens. Dozens of butterflies, and everywhere you turned another species. Above, a butterfly hides behind a flower.
Two butterflies rest on yellow chrysanthemums.

A monarch butterfly flitters near yellow chrysanthemums.
Click for a short movie of the butterfly, 27MB.

Scott bends over with his camera to photograph a butterfly.

Kathy and Scott sitting on a red futon
Kathy and Scott lounging around Jocelyn and Steve's apartment

Later in the week we all camped at Greenbriar State Park near the Applachian Trail. On the second day of camping, Scott, Steve, and Jocelyn went for a hike.
The foreground shows a trail through the open woods; along the trail in the distance, Jocelyn and Steve kissJocelyn and Steve holding hands on the trail
Click for a short movie of Steve and Jocelyn demonstrating how to find joy in hiking. 30MB

Steve seated by the trail converses with Jocelyn standing.

Steve and Jocelyn walk across the concrete surface of a pedestrian bridge over a highway. At the sides and over the top of the walkway is a cage-like chain link fence, black.
Crossing I-70 on the Appalachian Trail

At the campfire, Jocelyn holds a mug while Steve plays the guitar.
Singing Beatles songs at the campfire

The bright camping lantern illuminates cooking gear on the picnic table and one side of Kathy.
Kathy cooking supper

We visited Antietam National Battlefied.
Steve and Kathy stand by a picket fence with a formation of soldiers in the background
Steve and Kathy observed reenacters of a confederate army unit.
a formation f soldiers

Steve looks up at a tall monument.
Steve pondered one of the many monuments to those who fought.

Kathy stands on a dirt road with old-style fences on either side.
Kathy loved the chance to amble through the countryside on a beautiful day, devoting time to an awareness that this is the "sunken road" where some of the deadliest fighting of the Civil War occurred.
Kathy walking along a grass-covered lane with old-style fences on either side

Jocelyn, Steve, and Kathy standing by the gift shop at the Cozy Inn. Camp David Souvenirs are advertised.
Later we had dinner at the Cozy Inn, near Camp David.

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