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Backpacking 2007

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The following photos are by Phil, the designated chronicler of the hike.


The first day's hike ascended about 3,000 feet to the Appalachian Mountain Club's (AMC's) Garfield Ridge Campsite. We left off one car at the south end of the mountains, and Kathy shuttled us to the north end. We began the hike at noon.

hiker sittig on a tent platform
Scott after the first day's hike

two hikers lieing down on a tent platform, with their packs
Kevin & Phil after the first day's hike

Phil with cooking gear, including pot on lightweight gas stove
Phil preparing supper

At sunset, Scott and Phil went up to the nearby summit of Mt. Garfield.

yellow sunset with clouds, above mountain ranges
sunset from Garfield with Vermont mountain range

hiker on summit
Phil on Garfield with Lafayette in background

2 guys in front of a sunset
Phil & Scott on Garfield with sunset

seated hiker in front of a yellow sunset
Scott with sunset

the yellow sun between clouds above and mountains below

The next morning, Scott and Kevin got up at 5:15 for the sunrise at the summit.

hiker on mountain top above a valley with fog
Scott before sunrise

hiker reclines on an old foundation, with sun streaming brightness from behind a distant mountaintop
Kevin at sunrise

Four through hikers on their way to Maine spent the night in the foundation of an old fire tower on the summit. They did not get up for the sunrise.

three sleeping bags occupying an old foundation
thru hikers

We packed up and had breakfast.

Kevin, cooking equipment, backpacks, and tent on a tent platform
Kevin during 2nd day's breakfast

The Rough Traverse

The next day we considered doing a day hike to Mt. Lafayette, but decided instead to take our full packs to the AMC Guyot Campsite, 6.6 rough miles away.

building amidst trees
Leaving our packs at Galehead hut, Phil and Scott made the short hike to the summit of Mt. Gale, adding another 4000-footer to our lists. The summit was wooded, but an overlook along the way had good views, including the hut.

13 years ago, Kevin and Scott hiked this trail in the opposite direction along with five other family members. Scott remembered the steep descent from South Twin Mountain to the hut. This time we had to go up. At 4900 feet, South Twin is the third highest mountain in New Hampshire, outside of the Presidentials.

Kevin sitting by a rock
When we reached the summit of South Twin, it was time for a rest.
Kevin, in a yellow windbreaker, lying on a rock

large, round-topped mountain
Mt. Carrigain

hiker poses in front of a mountain
Scott on South Twin, and Lafayette

hiker, 2 tents
At the campsite, we had to squeeze both tents onto a smaller platform.

The Easy Day

The next day was Scott's 59th birthday. We planned to do some easy hiking rather than lug our packs to a new campsite. Just one mile away was West Bond, reputed to have excellent views. Another 4000 footer, Zealand Mountain, was a couple of relatively flat miles away.

mountain scarred with rockslides, fluffy clouds
looking to South Twin from West Bond

a long, green valley
Pemigewassett valley from West Bond

hikers sitting on a rocky summit
Scott & Kevin on West Bond summit

three guys
the three

guy in green shirt poses with a rocky summit in background
Phil with Bondcliff

guy with mountain range
Kevin with Lafayette

On the way back to the campsite from West Bond, a grouse and its chicks put on a show for us.

Phil and Scott only made it part of the way to Zealand, reaching Mt. Guyot.

flowers amid rocks
alpine rock garden

flowers amid rocks, with mountain background

two mountains
Lafayette & Garfield

a mountain with 2 peaks
Mt. Bond from Guyot

trail over an open rise
trail from Guyot

Scott looks over a flat area of scrub
Mt. Guyot is so rounded that it's hard to find the summit. We wandered for 5 minutes just to make sure we reached the real top.

trail leading down to woods
The alpine trail from Guyot leads down into the woods.

Mt. Bond

cooking gear and tent on platform
packing up for the last day

The last day's hike was 11 miles over Mt. Bond and Bondcliff. We didn't know where the good views would be. We traversed a long, flat ridge of Bond, all wooded with no views, not knowing where the summit was. But when we reached the summit we let out a whoop and then were speechless for 5 minutes at the awewsome views and beautiful weather.

a long open spur with a trail across the top
Bondcliff Trail from above

mountains with clouds resting atop
clouds over Presidentials

mountain ranges with clouds
looking south from Bond

a round-topped mountain, with misty clouds hanging around
Carrigain with mists

three mountains, each above the other
Lafayette over West Bond; Owl's Head in the middle

three hikers on a summit
the three on Bond

clouds and mountains
Mt. Washington peeks over the clouds

Then we hiked down the open ridge and up to Bondcliff.

cliffs, with a ridge in the background
West Bond from Bondcliff, with Scott sitting on the cliff

hiker in a mountainous setting

Exit from the Mountains

From Bondcliff, it's a long downhill to the Pemigewasset River, and then a long flat to the parking lot.

stream, bridge, with two guys on the bank
pumping water at Franconia Brook

two guys with water bottles
Scott & Kevin on bank of Franconia Brook

guy perches on a rock in mid-stream, waving both arms

guy with backpack walking in a rocky river
Scott in Pemigewasset River

three guys with backpacks smiling, on a suspension bridge
the three, near the end

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