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2009 Fall

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Phil was more organized than ever leading up to his senior year at Houghton College, and it was a good thing, because things were crazy with the rest of the family.

Kathy and Scott went “Cash for Clunkers” on August 1. In theory that meant a fancy automotive upgrade.

In practice it meant that Phil couldn’t use the clunker while all the paperwork went through, because our dealer wouldn’t take the risk that a bureaucrat might turn down the application.

Other craziness arose from waiting for grandson Lucas to make his appearance, the breakdown of our central air conditioning just as the two hottest, muggiest weeks of the summer were getting underway, the resulting realization that our 31-year-old refrigerator wasn't up to the heat stress, painting the house instead of taking a vacation, and a regimen of exercises for Scott’s right knee. To top it all off, our daughter’s young family, having prepared their apartment in Yonkers in order to move in right after the baby was born, learned that they would move to Brookline instead! Rearranging that move called for help from all quarters. Scott woke up August 27 in pain, and had an emergency root canal later that day. We celebrated because Lucas was born at the same time.

Phil’s Senior Year Begins

On August 29 it wasn’t really fall yet, but the beginning of the school year isn’t really summer, either. Cash for our clunker still had not been approved, so we didn’t have a car for Philip to drive back to college. Instead, Kathy and Scott delivered Phil at Houghton as the first leg of a trip to visit Lucas, Jocelyn, Steve, and Ruth.

We unloaded the car at Phil’s new dorm, Shenawana Hall.

Phil has a double to himself. He was glad he brought Kevin’s skis along, because the dorm is close to the ski trails.

Meeting Lucas

now Grandma of a boy as well as a girl

Mamou and Ruthie help Lucas with his binky.

In Texas for Mark & Veronica’s Wedding

We were happy to meet Heidi at the DFW airport, before being picked up by Kevin and Nancy.

Kevin's uncling ability will be legendary.

Great Grandma (a.k.a. Nana) showed wonderful endurance.

A playground is ideally located, near Great Grandma's house.

Ruthie threw little stones down the tall slide for a while, and after Kevin showed the way, she gave it a try herself. Enjoying the fun, she climbed back up for several more rides.

Great Aunt Nancy had a special way with her.

Great Grandma’s garden is fun, even on a rainy day, with its bunny and dragonfly.


On the Sunday after Thanksgiving, Ruthie had her own cream puff. When the adults played The Great Dalmuti, she had a turn with one of the special hats.

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