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2009 Winter

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With so many relatives living in warmer climes, we created this photo to show them how we empty-nesters spend the cold New England winters. The lower story of our house, which includes the family room, still does not heat well, even with a fire in the fireplace. When watching a DVD from Netflix, a down sleeping bag does wonders for the toes.

In February, Scott's computer (known as “yawl” on the local network) lost its larger hard drive. It was time for a motherboard upgrade to take advantage of dual core, USB 2, SATA, and DVD-RW. It was even time for a new case. Scott enjoyed ordering the parts and building the computer himself. Pictured is the new “yawl” sitting atop its predecessor.

A couple of months later, Kathy's seven year old Macintosh was showing its age. It wasn't the power of the hardware, though the lack of fast USB 2 made it incompatible with some of today's gear. The heart of the problem was that Apple no longer supported the old hardware with its software updates to the Macintosh operating system. So Scott set her up with a new Mac Mini and a nice 24 inch Dell monitor.

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