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Visiting Kathadin's Abol Campground

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Summer Trip

The Turner family joined the Batchlder cousins on a trip to our spectacular and beloved Baxter State Park, Maine.

Philip T crossing a brook

A campfire at Abol Campground

Philip takes a bite out of a ketchup-coated hot dog. Philip enjoys camping in the mountains.

Kevin and Phil with cousins John & Scott patrolling a trail

Phil at a waterfall near Abol campground

Kevin and Jocelyn at a waterfall near Abol campground

on a boulder Scott & Phil

Phil claims a rock.

Jocelyn on a log over a stream Jocelyn at Baxter State Park

floating in the rapids Scott in the Neshowadnehunk Stream, the lower Ledge Falls.

floating in the rapids Jocelyn in the water at Nesowadnehunk Stream.

Mark, Jocelyn, Dave, Heidi, and Scott The hiking enthusiasts setting off up the Abol trail.

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