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These mp3’s are large, ranging in size from 4.5 MB (three songs’ worth) to 27 MB.


The Comers arranged for Scott and Amy to sing Christmas carols at a recording studio on December 22, 1960. Our aunt Elsie accompanied us.


Grandpa Comer was called on to sing at all the family gatherings. This recording is thought to have been made in 1963 when he was about 81 years old. He sings “Faraway Places” and “Toora Loora Looral (That's an Irish Lullaby)”. Preceding him in the recording, cousin Geoff sings “Faraway Places.”


In 1970 Scott went on active duty on the aircraft carrier Kitty Hawk which crossed the Pacific to support the Vietnam War. Wonderful New Year's Eve celebrations were a Comer family staple, and the family included him that year by making this recording. It features a delighful duet by Miriam and Betty, piano by Elsie and Lyn, and a song by Virginia.

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