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Experiences on the Mountain

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trail ascending full of large rocks Kathy ascending the Saddle Trail toward Katahdin.

sitting by the trail Mark B takes a break.

Kevin on a stony plateau Kevin pauses at the Saddle, Katahdin.

a layer broken clouds makes dramatic lighting of the mountainsides and lowlands looking out from Katahdin

Nancy B on the Hamlin Ridge trail

valley view from Katahdin

the table land high on Katahdin

the five Turners with the summit sign the Turners at Baxter Peak

The Knife Edge from the Hamlin Ridge.

On the Hamlin Ridge.

On the Hamlin Ridge.

Jocelyn & Heidi on the Saddle Trail.

the view from the Knife Edge toward Chimney Pond

Scott, John, and Scott ascend from Chimney Notch to Pamola

Scott and John on the way down from Pamola to Chimney Pond

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