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Scott & Kathy's big trip

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To Wyoming

the fierce beasts Scott faced on his way to the summit of Marsh Peak
Scott on his way up Marsh Peak (visible at left)
the ledges & terrain along the way to the summit of Marsh Peak, Utah
Scott at the summit of Marsh Peak, Utah, 12,219 ft.
glacial pond from Marsh Peak, Utah
a pika threatens Scott
a hailstorm at Marsh Peak!
hailstones in Scott's hand
Kathy alongside the wagon ruts of emigrant pioneers on the Oregon Trail, South Pass, Wyoming
monument commemorating the “Parting of the Ways” along the Oregon Trail, mistakenly erected 10 miles from the actual parting of the ways
near the Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area
the hot springs at Thermopolis, Wyoming
local badlands around Worland, WY
the entrance to our nephew Dave Slover's cattle ranch, Worland, WY
approaching the ranch
a pleasant visit with Dave & Trina Slover at their ranch in Worland, WY
beautiful view from Dave Slover's ranch
Worland, WY
Dave & Trina Slover
Scott, Dave, Kathy, Trina
Worland, WY
The ranch retains buildings from when the area was first settled.

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