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Scott & Kathy's big trip

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our first day at Yellowstone
Yellowstone Lake
Buffalo Traffic Jam!
Mess with me and I'll smash the front of your car! Ha!
I love the smell of sulphur in my clothes and the security of knowing the magma's only a few feet below where we stand!
small geyser among the trees
Scott is the one who was afraid of the magma but Kathy said "What the heck, let's have fun and if we're incinerated at least we had a good time!"
Norris Geyser Basin, Yellowstone
Norris Geyser Basin, Yellowstone
rainbow, Norris Campground, Yellowstone, WY
Note raven flying past the tree.
Kathy toured Mammoth Hot Springs on her own.
Scott missed the hot springs, but got a shower at the hotel and came out to view a marvelous sky.
sky from the village of Mammoth Hot Springs
Castle Geyser
Because Old Faithful was not expected to erupt for 40 minutes, Scott walked a mile to Daisy Geyser, which was projected to erupt sooner. While he waited, a bison casually strolled by. Daisy didn't do more than sputter for 3/4 of an hour, and a storm was threatening, so Scott discontinued his vigil.
Meanwhile back at Old Faithful, Kathy had viewed the eruption and was waiting for Scott as the storm gathered and began to produce hail. Scott arrived jogging, and the damp couple retreated to the lodge.
Following the storm and some dinner, we headed back toward our campsite. The Fountain Pots Geyser Basin was gorgeous.
late afternoon sun rays through the trees after a hail storm
Fountain Pots Geyser Basin
hot springs and fumaroles after hail storm at Fountain Pots Geyser Basin
hail storm creates icy beauty on the trees at Fountain Pots Geyser Basin
lone coyote at Fountain Pots Geyser Basin
sunset over the Norris Geyser Basin
elk grazing in the early morning
The trail to Fairy Falls led past stands of Lodgepole Pine, burned in 1988.
on the trail to Fairy Falls and Imperial Geyser, Twin Buttes in the background
Fairy Falls, Yellowstone
Kathy & Scott with Twin Buttes in the background, Yellowstone
Kathy by the friendly Imperial Geyser. You didn't have to wait for a schedule; it would just erupt all the time. Every five minutes it would be quiet for a minute, then get back to its duty.
view of glacial ponds from the slopes of South Butte
Kathy heading up South Butte
view of Imperial Geyser from the slopes of South Butte, Fairy Falls in the background
Yellowstone panorama, looking northeast from South Butte
Imperial Geyser spouts off.
Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone
Scott took a day to hike up Sepulcher Mountain. Here the trail has reached an open and relatively gradual stretch.
Fearsome vegetation eyes Scott on the trail.
the Gardiner Valley, viewed from Sepulcher Mountain
a menacing, ice-coated tree
the ice-coated summit of Sepulcher Mountain
the open slopes through which the trail descends from Sepulcher Mountain
While Scott saw no large mammals in the wilderness of Sepulcher Mountain, Kathy stayed behind in the village of Mammoth Hot Springs, where the elk herd could be observed easily.
Sore-footed Scott was glad when Kathy arrived at the end of the trail.
Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River
Lower Yellowstone Falls
Scott & Kathy at Yellowstone Falls
Upper Yellowstone Falls
By our fourth and final day at Yellowstone we had seen plenty of bison near the road and wouldn't have stopped, but this herd blocked the way for 20 minutes!
late afternoon at Yellowstone Lake, looking south toward the Tetons
black bear along roadside, Yellowstone
late afternoon at Yellowstone Lake, looking south toward the Tetons
view from the road leaving Yellowstone
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