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December Birthdays, 2004

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Kathy reaches for a gift while the birthday cake is presented.
At her birthday party, Kathy enjoys lots of presents, but one candle is enough!

Phil sits before the cake, with his hands covering his face.
The next week was Phil's birthday. When the cake arrived, his friends sang an extra verse of "Happy Birthday to You" with so much humor, that Phil couldn't stop laughing to blow out the candles. After about three minutes he resorted to using the candle snuffer.


Scott, Phil, and Kevin pose together in their Red Sox Champions t-shirts.
Our gifts remind us of the long awaited victories of the Red Sox over the Yankeses and at the World Series.

Scott, Kevin, and Phil pose dressed in gloves and hats.
The men have just returned from shoveling snow.

Kevin, Kathy, and Phil at the coffee table playing Clue
Kevin and Phil enjoyed working out strategies for winning at Clue.

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