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Winter 2005

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The Blizzard, 2005-01-23

view through the snow-encrusted bay window

snowdrifts more than two feet deep on the sundeck

the car buried in snow as the sky clears

Phil shoveling the deep snow

Kevin's college break

Kevin faces his lighted birthday cake.
With Kevin home for a week, we celebrated his 21st birthday early.

Scott eats a piece of cake.

Kathy eats a piece of cake.

Kevin and Kathy on opposite sides of the Monopoly board
The game of the evening was Monopoly. Kevin had primed us with tales of Monopoly conquests from college, so we were ready to deal and prevented Kevin's planned initiatives. But Kevin parlayed a little luck into a large advantage. As Phil and then Scott were forced out of the game, they attempted to slow Kevin's progress, reinforcing Kathy. She made a strong comeback, repeatedly forcing Kevin to sell hotels. At last her luck ran out and Kevin's strength succeeded.

snow is the icing on the dogwood tree
The day and night before Kevin returned to college, it snowed again. We were up early to see him off, and witnessed the dawn as the sun energized the dazzle of the snow-topped branches.

robins among the barberry bushes
This spring's robins have been in the neighborhood for a good week. We have had three on the sundeck at once. After the snowstorm, they fluttered among the bushes, nipping for barberries at the tips of the branches.

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