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December 2005

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This Christmas we had the pleasure of Kevin's return from a semester in Japan, and added to that Jocelyn and Steve visited from Maryland. We worshipped Jesus at church, sang carols at home, and visited Grandma Turner. Kevin presented his time in Japan as a "slide show" in two parts. We played games regularly, including Mexican Train, Sequence, hearts, and Blurt, with Kevin and Steve having a lot of success.

Jocelyn's photo collection records some of the above.

Visiting Gail & Rico

Steve playing an organ
Steve tried out Gail's organ.

Kevin playing a red concertina
Kevin tried out Rico's concertina.

Rico in his chair, with Scott nearby playing the guitar
Scott sang "The Circle Game" with his guitar. Later on, Steve and Jocelyn sang a Nativity piece from Orthodox liturgy.

Phil standing beside a bed and petting a black and white cat, which is resting on a pile of coats
Phil and Mittens

a portrait of Gail, Steve, and Jocelyn

four young people playing the organ at once
more fun at the organ

Kevin and Rico in chairs. Kevin has a small metal slinky over his eyes.
Evidently inspired by Rico, Kevin took a few minutes to rest, adding his unique style with a slinky.

New Year's Eve

We played the traditional game of Rail Baron, while the television showed "The Sound of Music".

Phil and Kathy posing at the game table
Kevin, arms folded across his chest, behind the Rail Baron table
Midway through the game, Kevin already has Superchief and the most money.

Kathy placing the top hat on Kevin's head
Hail the Rail Baron!

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