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Fall 2005

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Phil displays an ear of sweet corn.
In early September we eat more sweet corn, because the season is about to end. We were thankful that Scott's job enabled us to try several local farm stands and compare. This year Sunshine Dairy had the best.

More than a dozen orange and white control markers are hanging from lines.
On October 8, Scott directed an orienteering meet at Upton State Forest. Steady rain held the attendance down to 70 people. The above is the entire photographic record of the event, showing the wet control markers drying out in our garage. They couldn't be dried outside because it continued raining for a week!

An early snow came on October 29.


newspaper clipping from The MetroWest Daily News showing a crowd of runners in the snow, and another close-up shot of Scott,s face with snow plastered to the eyebrows and beard
We started Thanksgiving Day with the family custom of running/jogging/walking in Framingham's Turkey Classic 3.5 mile race. When Scott had his photo taken, he did not know how he looked!

the whole cooked turkey
We grew hungry while the turkey took much longer to cook than planned. At last the pop-up thermometer popped.

Scott carving the turkey

The dining room table is set.

Scott and Lidia eating at the dining room table
Lidia, who is studying at Penn State University on a fellowship, came to Boston for the long weekend and stayed with us.

Kathy and Lidia at the dining room table, where dominoes are laid out in rows
She enjoyed playing Mexican Train very much.

Scott, Lidia, and Kathy pose in the cold sun.

Lidia at the statue of John Harvard in Harvard Yard

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