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Kevin's Graduation

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Philip and Kathy at the restaurant table
Enroute to Kevin's graduation, we stayed in Newburgh, New York and ate at a Peruvian restaurant, the Machu Picchu.

Philip, Kevin, Kathy, and Scott
The four of us changed clothes at the motel prior to the Baccalaureate Service.
Kevin, Kathy, and Phil walking

Phil and Kevin seated in the assembly hall
We had excellent seats for the Baccalaureate.

4 guys
Kevin got together with his roommates at the reception following the Baccalaureate.

The graduation podium, with Kevin descending.
The next morning was gray and a little rainy, but momentous for Kevin.
Kevin in his graduation robe
Kevin in his graduation robe with Jocelyn
Kevin in his graduation robe with Kathy and Scott

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