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Spring 2006

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Philip, Scott, and Kathy toasting with milk, OJ, and water
After Phil got his driver's license and was accepted into Houghton College's honors program, he celebrated with Scott and Kathy.

Scott and Phil helped at an orienteering meet, directing people to good parking places.
Philip running from an orienteering control, carrying his map
Phil completed the Orange course well. Here he has just punched in at the final control before the finish line.
Scott in his green orienteering suit, running with his map, the trees in the background blurred from speed
Later on, Scott and Phil formed a relay team together. Here, Scott is finishing the first leg.
Scott in his green orienteering suit, running uphill with his map

Jocelyn's "Women with Icons" photography was on display at an art gallery in Baltimore. The following are from Elizabeth's visit.
Jocelyn and friends at an art gallery
the art gallery with Jocelyn's photographs on display

A few days later, the photography exhibit brought Scott, Kathy, Kevin, and Phil to Baltimore.
Kathy and Jocelyn in front of the G&M restaurant
A visit wouldn't be complete without a visit to a great restaurant for crabcakes.
Kevin and Phil wrestle in front of the G&M restaurant
We had a long wait.
Kevin, Steve, and Phil
Steve, Kevin, and Phil
seated at the resturant table: Kathy, Scott, Phil (making rabbit ears for Scott), Jocelyn, and Steve (reclining toward Jocelyn)
At last we enjoyed the delicious food.
seated around the restaurant table: Jocelyn, Steve, Kevin, Scott, and Kathy
Kevin and Steve acting funny at the restaurant table

After viewing the exhibit of Jocelyn's photography, we met the Parkers at Patterson Park near the art gallery.
Phil, Kevin, and Steve riding the tilting thing at a playground
Scott and Steve ride the tilting thing, while Phil balances at the center
Phil, Kevin, and Dave ride the tilting thing, with Steve (facing away) balancing at the center
Dave and Phil ride the tilting thing, with Steve balancing at the center
Jocelyn poses at the part, arms high; Kathy rests on a tree stump

Dave and Kevin play with Adam
Father Dave and son Adam (Jocelyn's nephew) join Kevin in some fun.

Phil, Jocelyn, and Hannah ride on the tilty thing, while Phil balances in the center
neice Hannah with Aunt Jocelyn, Phil and Kevin

light blue house with white dogwood tree in the foreground
The dogwood was in full bloom in mid-May.

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