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2011 Thanksgiving

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The photos on this page were taken by Jocelyn (except at the playground).

Showing our knicknacks to grandson.

at the neighborhood playground in West Natick

Amy’s Thanksgiving Dinner

The cousins were all bookworms for a couple of minutes.

A delicious apple pie, by Elizabeth. The crust would not be tamed, and added appeal to the homemade treat.

Pie lover Phil illustrates the use of Ambrosia Sauce.

Then the little kids discovered the excitement of a table cloth suspended by grandmothers, aunts, etc. Someone screeched, someone ran, and then all three screeched and ran and screeched ...

The next phase was on top of the tablecloth, where it was necessary to take turns and calm down a bit.

The other grandparents visited for the Thanksgiving weekend, making the family time that much more rewarding.

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