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Super Whites
pointers to great White Mountain hikes
by Scott Turner

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If you've really enjoyed hiking Mt. Monadnock and Mt. Washington, you know there are many other trails and mountains in New Hampshire, but what you may need is a little list of the outstanding.

All-Time Top Hikes

  • Franconia Ridge: I love the feeling of walking along a ridge above treeline, and this is the place to do it in the White Mountains.
  • Madison Springs Hut: Nestled between Mts. Madison and Adams, two of the niftiest mountains, and close to King Ravine's Subway and the Air Line's Knife Edge, this is my favorite AMC hut. If you reserve for a two night stay you will not be disappointed.
  • Bondcliff Trail: You start on the flattest trail for a couple of miles, then there's a plain good climb, then you're up on the ridge above the trees and the cliffs, then to the rounded, open summit of Mt. Bond, in the heart of the "Wilderness".
  • Mt. Tripyramid up the North Slide and down the South Slide: It's not about the fair views from the three summits, it's about the steep rockslide trails. Kathy is amazed whenever she recalls that she did it. The views from the rockslides are fine, if you don't look down!

Top Hikes with Kids

All of the above are excellent for kids of the right age, experience and ability. But sometimes a family isn't ready to go all out. Here are some recommendations for easy to moderately strenuous hikes.
  • Mt. Osceola Trail: The East Peak is beyond the summit, and has the best views.
  • Lonesome Lake: Pretty easy, pretty lake, hut.
  • Mt. Webster: Medium-sized mountain up a rough trail, with the summit on the edge of the breathtaking Crawford Notch.
  • Mt. Willard: Easy trail to another dramatic Crawford Notch overlook.
  • Mt. Carrigain: Normally a day hike, I made this a 2-night trip when my son Kevin was 5. The highest mountain in the Whites that's surrounded by "Wilderness", it sports a small, above-treeline ridge.

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