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Spring 2005

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Winter Dwindles

pool in the woods in the foreground, with lawn building and house in the background
The day after Easter it rained heavily, flooding the low spot in the wooded corner of our lot. But a large field of snow covered the area behind our house.
rear view of the house, with lots of snow in the back yard

bird bath with a row of bushes, showing snow-covered and bare lawn

By April 1st our crocuses had popped up.
crocuses, with a little snow in the background
Several of the winter's snowstorms were marked by blowing and drifting that piled the snow high in places, some of which were still a foot deep!
back yard snow field

Scholarship Day at Messiah College

On April 29, students from the mathematics, engineering, and business schools of Messiah college presented their projects. Scott and Philip travelled to Pennsylvania to view Kevin's project and those of other students.

Scott, with Kevin in a suit
a student is seated using a computer, while Kevin stands beside the display
Kevin developed a game for the original Nintendo console. Here another student enjoys the game by emulation on a PC.

Philip seated with Kevin standing beside his display

Cheryl & Peter visit Grandma Turner

Kevin and Grandma T at a table
the group poses
Sophie, Amelia, Cheryl, Grandma T, and Gail

seated at a table
Amy, Peter, and Cheryl

A Visit to Steve & Jocelyn

Philip, Kathy, and Kevin at an overlook with green hills in the background
Kathy and Kevin at an overlook with the Hudson River and green hills
Enroute to Pennsylvania, we avoided New York City by taking the Bear Mountain Bridge over the Hudson. The weather was clear, making for a wonderful view. The short break gave us strength for the New Jersey traffic that we shortly encountered.

In the den, Hannah shows something to her mom.
On Saturday, the graduation celebration for Steve got underway. Little Hannah Parker was also celebrating graduation — from preschool. Here she is with her parents Dave and Megan.
Adam takes toys out of a basket.
Adam Parker

in the kitchen Jocelyn

on the porch with the gas grill
Father Gregory grills the ribs.

in the den, with Legos
Phil gets along well with the kids, and Scott enjoys their company.
Boy Adam ponders his food.
Adam continues eating, while Hannah and Phil do Legos.

Seated with food, around a patio table.
When we sat down to eat, Jocelyn was joined by her brothers, by her husband Steve, and by a co-worker, Vince.
Seated with food, around a patio table.

Hannah chases Phil who's carrying a football.
The guys and Hannah had a great time making up keep-away games.
Hannah chases Phil who's carrying a football.
Steve runs away from Hannah, with football.
keep-away action
Steve hides the football while passing it to Phil.

Steve bends to Hannah's level as they prepare for the cake.
Then it was time to cut Steve's and Hannah's cake.
Steve and Hannah laugh as the first piece of cake is cut.

Steve, Kathy, and others around the table with the Sequence game.
Steve received the game of Sequence as a gift, and we didn't waste time before enjoying it.
Dave Parker, Steve, and Scott play Sequence.

Jocelyn and Hannah play with Legos while Father Gregory lies down on the sofa.
Jocelyn with her niece and father-in-law

Kevin and Philip on the park lawn
On Sunday after church, we went to a park and enjoyed a walk.
Jocelyn and Steve on the grass by the bench

Phil and others at the picnic table
On the way back from the park, we had dinner at a well-known seafood shack.
Frederica, Kathy, Scott, Kevin, Steve, and Father Gregory around the table
Outside the restaurant, Phil jabs at Kevin while Steve looks on.

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