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Summer 2005

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Kevin, seated with keyboard on his lap, next to computer on the floor. The case of the computer is open.
Kevin created his own computer from the basic elements: case, motherboard, graphics card, CPU, 4 hard drives, and DVD/CD-ROM. Here he's in the process of installing Windows XP. The case is open, exposing its fancy lighting system. The keyboard is from a Macintosh. The wire at the bottom leads to an external drive enclosure that is hanging open, because it is not large enough to hold the DVD/CD-ROM which it is connecting to the computer.

Kevin, Michael, and Trevor sitting at computers in the boys' bedroom.
Philip hosted a LAN party, or to be more precise, a Starcraft party. Three friends and his brother joined in. Three of them set up and played the game in the bedroom, while two more used other rooms.

Scott's Birthday

Schedule displayed on white board, listing church, badminton/croquet, serve & eat dinner, clean-up, SET, cake & opening gifts, Mexican Train or Clue, optional exercise, poetry, Bible reading, song, watch movie, possibly The Philadelphia Story
schedule for the day's festivities

patio table with Scott, Phil, Kevin, and Kathy seated around
It was a perfect summer day, so we ate outside on the sundeck. Steak and local corn on the cob were the highlights.

Scott waving happily with cards on the table, and Kevin.
Scott enjoys the game “Set” even though Kevin always creams him at it. The players must find patterns and antipatterns among the symbols on the cards. The third game of the day was Scott's only win of the year, causing great celebration.

The birthday cake is presented to Scott, who holds a small red fire extinguisher.
Kathy and Phil spent a long time in the kitchen setting fire to this cake, causing some concern about what else might be going up in flames.

Scott on the sofa with packages, and Philip reading a card

DeeAnn and Will's Visit

DeeAnn and Will are staying in Connecticut for a couple of months. On July 30th they came with Gail to visit Great Grandma Turner, followed by lunch at our home.
visitors seated around Great Grandma Turner, with Will standing in the center, holding his mother's hands
The Montagues joined us in the visit with Great Grandma T.

The pose has Great Grandma T in her wheelchair, with the others beside her.
The four generations: Gail, Louise, DeeAnn, and Will.

Elizabeth, Amy, Lyn, and Martha beside Great Grandma Turner
the Montagues with Great Grandma Turner

We said goodbye to the Montagues, and headed to the Turner home for lunch. Philip and I prepared the table with the goal of living up to Kathy's standards, in her absence.
the dining room, with the table set with sandwich fixings, and DeeAnn preparing a sandwich for Will, who is standing by
Phil, Will, DeeAnn, and Gail, happily seated around the patio table after lunch
It was a perfect day for eating on the sundeck.

Phil and Will seated on the floor, with a book
Phil read to Will.

DeeAnn, Will, and Phil playing with a pile of Legos
The Legos were a hit.

Visiting Colleges

While Scott was catching a cold from Kevin, and entertaining a favorable job offer, he was also travelling with Philip to Pennsylvania and Maryland, visiting colleges. We visited MIT, Arcadia, Loyola of Maryland, Franklin & Marshall, and Scranton.

Jocelyn on the cell phone in her apartment, with Phil
Jocelyn and Steve hosted us for two nights of our trip. That's Phil in the background, with Steve.

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