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Jocelyn & Steve Visit

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Jocelyn and Steve visited us for the week of August 14.

Kevin had a new digital camera, the source of many of the photos below.
'Sequence' chips in the foreground, with a 'Sequence' board, Kathy, and a cup of tea
This photo shows off the depth of focus of Kevin's camera, giving an interesting perspective on a game of Sequence while Kathy awaits her turn.

On Monday we went to New Hampshire and pitched our tents at a private campground. At night we were "instant experts" around the fire.

The next day we set out to climb Carter Dome, but due to a technical problem with boots, we did the much easier Mount Willard instead.
Steve standing at the edge of a lake, with trees along the far shore
Here, Steve views Saco Lake before our hike, supported by his new boots.

Atop Mount Willard

Scott looks out over Crawford Notch Kevin facing the viewer, with Mount Webster in the background Phil seated on a rock, eating lunch Jocelyn and Steve seated on a ledge, horsing around and eating lunch

At the Campground

The campground was nicely equipped for sports.
Steve, Kevin, Phil, and Scott play badminton. Kevin, Phil, and Steve play baseball.

Our campsite was beautiful and relaxing, located on the bank of the Gale River. Kathy, Kevin, and Steve seated around the fire ring, with the river in the background

The Flume

On Wednesday we visited the Flume, and took an interest in the fauna.
Jocelyn, Steve, Kathy, Phil, and Kevin on the walkway in the gorge the Flume gorge Steve examines a caterpillar. Phil atop a boulder, more than twice the height of Kevin a spider at the center of its orb

Hike to Carter Dome and Carter Notch

Thursday was the big hike day for everyone except Kathy, who did some shopping in Conway. Later she waited for us at the AMC Pinkham Notch center. We met up after the hike and had a delicious dinner at the Red Parka Steakhouse in Glen.

On the Way Up

Scott, Jocelyn, and Steve pause along the trail. Scott, Phil, Steve, and Kevin pause along the trail. a lush grassy patch in the forest

Atop Mount Hight

The best views of the day were from the summit of Mount Hight, a summit on the northeast shoulder of Carter Dome. We stopped for a leisurely lunch break.
hikers eating snacks, with a dog in the background
Two hikers who arrived at the summit just after us were accompanied by a pair of dogs. One of the dogs was friendly and hung around us for a while.
Jocelyn eating a snack

Kevin and Jocelyn make faces Kevin and Jocelyn gesturing at each other
Brother and sister ham it up.

After lunch, Scott got out his map and set about identifying the surrounding mountains.
mountain ranges
This view to the north shows Mount Madison (the northeastern end of the Presidentials) on the left, and on the right a shoulder of the Carter Range.

Scott bending over a map that's laid out on the rock
Scott's got his map oriented, and is studying it. In the background (to the northeast) is Moriah.

mountain ranges
The view to the southeast. South Baldface, Sable Mountain, Chandler Mountain, Kearsarge North, and Doublehead

Jocelyn in blue fleece and cute hat, with her head turned away toward a mountain in the background
Jocelyn looks toward Carter Dome, our next destination.
Jocelyn with a beautiful sky

a mountain range
Mounts Washington, Jefferson, Adams, and Madison

Steve and Jocelyn took a rest, while Kevin checked out the map, and investigated the noisy grasshoppers.
Steve snoozes Kevin standing and looking down at the map, which is laid out on a rock Steve and Jocelyn snooze grasshopper

Atop Carter Dome

Carter Dome, 4832 ft., is the 9th highest mountain in New Hampshire. It is covered with scrubby trees, so that there are no views from the summit. We took a break.
Jocelyn and Scott Steve Scott

Descending to Carter Notch

The steepest trail of the day was on the descent to Carter Notch. Halfway down there's a lookout from a cliff. Below are the buildings of the AMC Carter Hut, and the Carter Lakes. Across the notch are the cliffs leading up to Wildcat.
a rock juts out
We called this huge rock face the "old baboon of the mountains".

mountain ranges Kevin surveys the notch
looking south over Carter Notch

Steve and Scott seated at tables indoors
We took a break at the hut.

Steve, Jocelyn, Phil, Scott, and Kevin pose on a boulder beside Carter Lake.
Steve, Jocelyn, Phil, Scott, and Kevin

Returning Home

On Friday we returned home, stopping at the Basin for our last visual nourishment and stimulation from the White Mountains. Saturday night Kevin worked his last day at KayBee Toys while the rest of us had steak and corn on the cob for dinner. Then we played Mexican Train, a full 13 rounds. Steve hung in there to win by a wide margin.

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