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My family got our first Macintosh in 1985, and later on I programmed Mac software at my job for two years. My work led to the release of Liant's C++/Views for Macintosh.

For a few year's I've been weaning myself from home use of Macintosh, but my kids, wife, and inlaws remain loyal. The home network has computers running Gentoo Linux, Mac OS X Panther, Windows 2000, and Windows XP. I continue as the local Mac adminstrator.

It was amazing when Apple delivered on its promises of a robust operating system which began many years ago with "Pink" and which continued with "Copland". Copland was cancelled in favor of OpenStep-based Rhapsody toward the end of 1996. Rhapsody has segued into Mac OS X, which is now a great success.

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